Your Free Guide to HIPAA Training

Keep your organizations and employees compliant with this essential guide to HIPAA training and enforcement.

What you'll find in the HIPAA training guide:
  • The “five W’s” of HIPAA training (who, what, where, when, and why)
  • Consequences of skipping training enforcement
  • Key takeaways for employees when taking training

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Everything You Need to Know About HIPAA Training in One Guide

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Clarify exactly who on your team should receive HIPAA training and how training differs based on organization type.
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Guarantee that employees walk away from training with the right knowledge and skillset to prevent making costly mistakes.
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Protect your institution from HIPAA violations by learning when to require training and how to enforce it.


HIPAA Training: The Compliance Step You Cannot Afford to Skip

Organizations That Fail to Require HIPAA Training
  • 22% of healthcare cybersecurity incidents are caused by insider errors.
  • $98k average in fines were paid by non-compliant organizations in 2022.
  • 75% of organizations report feeling unprepared for cybersecurity threats.
Organizations That Require HIPAA Training
  • Ensure all employees have the HIPAA knowledge they need to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Protect your organization from fines, legal penalties, and reputational damage.
  • Gain the infrastructure necessary to be prepared for cybersecurity threats and breaches.

Solidify Compliance Across Your Organization with Your HIPAA Training Guide

Download HIPAA 101: Your Guide to HIPAA Training for a free resource covering the essentials of training and enforcement and prepare your team to remain compliant year-round. 

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Intraprise Health team made a complex process manageable and straightforward.

It was great to work with people who understand the landscape and are there to help. It is a bonus that the software simplifies and automates so much of the time-consuming processes. 

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